Telepsychiatry visits are available 7-days a week using a secure, privacy-compliant video conferencing connection to connect in real-time with our nurse practitioners.

Initial evaluations and follow-up visits can be conducted via telepsychiatry during the COVID pandemic and until further notice.


Psychiatric Evaluation & Treatment Planning

We see children ages 6 to 17, adults 18+ and older adults 65+. Initial evaluations are 90 minutes with treatment planning. We request the intake forms and the online cognitive assessment are completed prior to the appointment. 

For children, in the case of divorced, separated or re-blended families, we prefer to meet with all of the parents. If that is not workable, please be sure to discuss before the first appointment. 

We do not see children without an adult present.


Functional Medicine Evaluation & Treatment Planning

Every person is different. For optimal functioning, your body requires different amounts of vitamins and minerals from those in your family.

Biochemical differences affect your brain, mood, and recovery. We will use methods such as individualized metabolic testing, nutritional therapies, and dietary intervention in conjunction with conventional approaches like medication management and psychotherapy.

Initial evaluations take about two hours. Follow-up appointments will be between 30 and 60-minutes.


Medication Management

Medication, nutrition, and lifestyle strategies can help treat your symptoms and reduce your biological predisposition towards symptoms of mental illness.

If there is a need for medical testing, you will be given a medical laboratory request slip that can be submitted to your primary care physician or another medical testing facility. We do not do any direct blood drawing or urine testing in our office.

Completed laboratory tests are required before scheduling a follow-up visit with our providers.


Individual & Group Therapy

Therapy can be a means of re-establishing meaningful connections by addressing the obstacles that thwart us. Such obstacles can take many forms, such as excessive fear, unresolved childhood injuries, stalemated conflicts, distorted beliefs, insecurities, depression or addictions. Research demonstrates therapeutic conversations are an effective means for overcoming these obstacles. We meet you where you are.


Individualized Education Plan Support

We will provide you with the support and guidance necessary for you to obtain an evaluation for special education services for your child. Every child is entitled to a free public education in the least restrictive environment. This is the law.

We offer valid and objective measurement of core aspects of brain function. These tasks are gamified and fun and appropriate for children 6 years and older.


Cognitive Assessment

We all have a subjective idea of how our brains are doing. There are days where we feel off and other days where we feel like taking on the world. But, why are some days good and some days not so good while progressing through treatment? 

That's where cognitive assessment comes into play. By putting a number to those subjective feelings, you can discover what is causing those good days so you can have more of them.